UX Design and Research Internship at Perforce Software

In Jun 2013, I joined Perforce Software as the UX Design and Research Intern for 3 months. During my internship, I assisted the UX designers on the interaction design and visual design for Swarm, a collaborative coding platform, and Commons, Perforce documents management system. I also helped the User Researcher with contextual inquiries and conducted a survey study.

Project deails


Perforce Software


Support interaction design, UI design and user research for Perforce Swarm and Perforce Commons. 


Jun 2013 – Aug 2013

Role and Contribution

Interaction Design 80%
UI Design 20%
User Research 40%

Interaction and UI Design

I assisted another UX designer in interaction design and UI design for Perforce Swarm, an online collaborative coding platform, and Perforce Commons, a cloud-based document management system. I was responsible for creating high fidelity mockups with interaction notes and visual specs for engineers.

User Research

I assisted the user researcher with contextual inquiries and usability testing to study developers’ behaviors and needs in collaborative coding and version control. I also designed and launched a survey on online document collaboration and looked at competitor products on version control and file management.